A video tutorial to the skills and processes of Glass Blowing.


 In ‘Morrell’s Guide to Glass Blowing’, I demonstrate and explain the skills which have sustained me through over forty years of professional glass blowing.

The focus of the video is to impart an understanding of what the molten glass requires from the glass blower  to achieve the forms we are looking for.

Working through 16 different demonstrations, we learn how to make bowls, bottles, platters, cups, stoppers and many other forms. We explore mould blowing, casting on stems, feet and handles, adding colour, even working through to  more esoteric, even ‘impossible’ forms.

‘Morrell’s Guide to Glass Blowing’ is available on Vimeo for a small fee (maybe 10% of the cost of a weekend workshop) which is, I regret, necessary to cover the costs of production.

Whilst the guide is suitable for beginners,  I believe many more experienced glass blowers will find something useful to their practice. If you learn something which saves just one piece from the bin, the cost will be more than justified.

This link will take you to a preview  with an option to purchase 12 months access to the main tutorial through Vimeo on Demand:        Morrell’s Guide to Glass Blowing – preview

Also, you can access an extract from Morrell’s Guide through this link, which is  free to view and gives a good idea of what to expect from the main tutorial:       Morrell’s Guide – Bottles 

Make sure to watch the guides to Gathering and Marvering  which are also free. I hope you enjoy them. Feedback is welcomed

All the best, Richard B. Morrell


The following is a brief review from Jason Van Domburgh:

Richard has produced an insightful and valuable resource that enables glassblowers at varied levels of experience to dip in and out of key glass making skills.  Richard’s passion for glass, and education of the glass community is clear and the time, energy and commitment to this video is a great expression of “paying it forward” to glass makers now and in to the future.  Forget the glossy “how-to” videos getting around, this is quality grass-roots instruction from one of the best, detailed in explanations and practical demonstrations.

Jason van Domburgh (Artisand)